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Business process automation and integration

We understand that businesses grow organically. Unfortunately business processes that rely on paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and emailing documents around are costly, difficult to audit and hard to scale. Often the same data is duplicated in many different places. We can help you to automate and integrate your business processes.

Mobile applications

We develop mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. By taking advantage of Xamarin technology most of the code can be reused across all three platforms. This means we can deliver software for multiple platforms more quickly, and lower the time and cost involved to maintain and update the software.

Websites and web apps

We believe in using the right tool for the job. From simple websites to modern web applications we can find a solution that is right for you. We leverage modern development tools and frameworks such as AngularJS, Livescript, Funscript and Websharper to deliver cutting edge web applications.

Why us?

Industry experience

A proven track record delivering critical systems across a range of industries from real-time financial trading applications and risk management, to robotic control systems for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Best-in-class tools

We use functional programming languages and tools such as F#, LINQ and Reactive Extensions to solve complex problems with simple code. Simple code means that it is faster to develop, easier to reason about, cheaper to maintain, and has fewer bugs. OOP spaghetti code has had its day.

Built to scale

Hardware is cheap. Rewriting your software is not. We have experience delivering cloud-hosted websites and web applications that can grow along with your business. It pays to get it right first time.

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We are based in London, England. Remote working arrangements are possible for clients worldwide!


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